Concept Translations is all about translating the concept not the words.

Our aim is to help you convey your message; a message which reflects your concern and regard towards its recipient. The intended result is achieved by the precise concept translation and by avoiding word-for-word translation.

We can speak your mind!

Concept Translations is a translation company that has been providing high-quality professional translation services for over 15 years.

Specialized Services is the Key to Success

Apart from translation, we offer a whole range of linguistic services, such as proofreading, review, localization, MT post-editing, SEO translation, and transcreation, so that we can meet 100% your demands.

Translations are carried out by native speakers-linguists, who live and work in the country where the target language is spoken and they have at least a master’s degree in the corresponding specialization field of each project. This way we can ensure that the right language is used, the language of quality!

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What will it cost me?

Rates are per source word or per hour based on the translation field and the complexity of the material to be translated. We make sure that our client gets high-end services at the most competitive rate.

What services are included?

Editing/Proofreading: In this procedure we use special computer-aided translation tools to support our absolute concentration. In general, editing and proofreading depend on many factors, but among the same people they can be automated to some degree.

Terminology management: The separate for each subject area glossaries are the base for a good translation. Using the right terminology optimizes quality and spares editing time. Nevertheless, even the management of terminology should be based on concepts not words, reinforcing the efficiency of translators. During the translation phase, glossaries are connected to an equivalent translation memory for a more integrated work environment.

QA: with cutting-edge quality assurance tools.

What tools are used for translation?

All services are performed using state-of-the art computer-aided translation tools (CAT-tools).
Various CAT-tools | Word processing software |Graphic design software | QA Tools

What is a translation memory?

It is a database of previous translations, in which the source language and the target language texts have been segmented to translation units and aligned. When a new version of the same original text is compared against the original, the translation memory recognizes the translated units and inserts them in the target text. If there are differences, they are highlighted for editing.



Years of experience


“We work since 2008 with Concept Translations as they provide us with high-quality translations. They are very responsive, and communicating with them is easy. They take all our requirements into account to ensure the best quality possible. The service received is professional, accurate and timely.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for global language services.”

Dualis Übersetzungen GmbH

Santino Scaminaci / CEO

“Since 2009, we have been working with Daphne as a freelance translator on a regular basis, and for several of our most important clients. Her work is always extremely accurate and her feedback regarding content very professional, contributing significantly to the successful completion of major projects.”

itl AG

“Daphne has been assisting us with English/Greek translations since July 2005. Peer feedback on her work is positive. She is reliable and always meets deadlines. Pleasant to work with.”

Max Doerfler

“Daphne is a very professional translator and has extremely nice manners! We would be glad to work again with her anytime again!”

BrainStorm Sprachdienstleistungen GmbH

“Outstanding in every aspect — quality, professionalism, and punctuality!”

WordSystem Ltd.

“Top translator. Very reliable and the highest quality. What more could you ask for?”

Word Connection Business Translation Services 

“We’ve had the pleasure to work with Daphne (Concept Translations) for over 10 years now and hope to continue this outstanding cooperation for many years to come. Daphne always delivers on time, is not afraid to ask questions and delivers high-quality translations.”


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